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About AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand

Ever since 1988, we’ve been in the business of fuelling people with courage & adrenaline. We’re also a proudly Kiwi organisation, with innovation, life experience & fun at the core of what we do. It’s been over 30 years but we’re still just as committed to our customers mustering up the courage to do something they’ll never forget. We fill people – 
The infamous AJ Hackett Bungy Ledge Swing (voted scariest product by our Crew!)If Bungy's not your thing, check out our Ledge Swing!Ride the gondola up (or even walk), then jump off and make your way straight back down!The Ledge Bungy Queenstown!
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The most extreme activity in New Zealand

You can put 99 shots of espresso in your coffee, but it still won’t give you the raw thrill of the 134m, 8.5 second freefall that is the Nevis Bungy

Want an awesome job?

Our Crew are amazing and every day they get out of bed it’s to 'inspire people to awesomeness by helping them do things they never thought they could'. We take pride in delivering the best possible customer experience, and while we don’t take ourselves too seriously we do take what we do very seriously. We started the worldwide Bungy phenomenon way back in 1988 when we threw our first customers off the Kawarau Bridge – attached to a Bungy cord obviously. Recognised as ‘the Bungy originals’ we have been attributed to pioneering adventure tourism in New Zealand which we think is pretty awesome. Fast forward a whole lot of years and we’re still at it, although now we’re a whole lot bigger with a wide range of cool activities in Queenstown and Auckland. Of course none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for our fantastic Crew and our ‘culture’ which is extremely important to us – it represents who we are…. • Our feet are always on the ground even if our customers aren’t • We wear our heart on our sleeve – raw emotion is good • Humour is our antidote to fear • We genuinely want our customers to succeed • We keep it real For all general enquiries about jobs, get in touch with our HR Team at hrmanager@bungy.co.nz