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Communication Service for the Deaf Employee Review

A Pretty Bad Place to Work

Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
8 April 2019
I worked here for about 6-7 months and I would never recommend anyone work here longer than that. I still know some people who work there and, unfortunately, things have gotten even worse. The job itself is incredibly dull. You sit at a computer all day listening to phone calls that can be mind-numbing. You are randomly tested everyday by one of the supervisors or team leads. Some of them are very lenient while others give you 0 benefit of the doubt and cut no slack. You are also tested monthly to ensure your speed and accuracy are good enough. You are practically glued to your seat. Anytime you log out (aside from 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch) that time counts against you. Breaks start as soon as you log out so they are really 10 minute breaks (if that). They advertise that you will have some down time to read/color/do puzzles/etc. but you don't because staffing is horrible. The turnover rate is absolutely astronomical. During my time, no less that 100-150 people came and went. People are treated as if they are incredibly disposable - even the ones who are good at the job. Some are fired due to poor performance but many leave because of all of these other factors. They use a point system for attendance. Its relatively fair but, if you call in and the person forgets to write you down, you could get slapped with a no-call no-show. Schedules are unpredictable. You fill out a days off and start time preference sheet but you might as well not because it doesn't really matter unless your seniority is extremely high. All schedules are computer generated so you can - more...
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2.0Work/Life Balance
2.0Job Security/Advancement
decent pay, friendly coworkers
high pressure, poor morale, absent upper management, poor schedule system
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